We are SAM MANUFACTURING The Plastic Moulding Company!

Automobile Appliances, to maintain the pace of growth by adapting the latest technology and cost control systems, as per customer requirements.


  • To become the die casting firm of world reference for Excellence.


  • Committed to develop and expand the range of casting products for other industries by adapting the latest technology and cost control systems.


Plastic Injection Moulding For Two Wheelers

Hi-Tech Plastic Injection Moulding Machines.

The product range offered by us is inclusive of Horizontal Injection Molding Machines, Horizontal Injection Molding Machine A8 & S8 Series and Automatic Injection Molding Machines.


Product Development

We are highly experienced in designing and developing parts and assemblies for manufacturing, assembly, and serviceability. Our design prowess includes: Plastic Parts

Mould Design & Development

SAM MANUFACTURING LTD Industries has been providing plastic Part Design and Product Development services for nearly 10 years. The key to successful Plastic Product Design and Development is speed and experience.


Optimum Manufacturing Cost

SAM MANUFACTURING LTD's specialties include design engineering, creating intellectual property, pre-clinical testing, and manufacturing. It designs for clinical relevance, manufacturability, ergonomics and cost efficiency.